I am fortunate to have a spacious home, complete with two separate living rooms. The front room is where we spend most of our time as a family, watching TV and playing with the kids' toys. The room I am currently reorganizing is the back sitting room, which is located at the rear of the house. I have claimed this room as my own, using it for both my home office and various hobbies such as sewing and crafting.

Like many others, I have to make the most of a limited space, as my room must serve multiple purposes. Some may relate to using a guest room or kitchen table as their crafting space, but regardless of the size of your room, I hope you can find inspiration from the changes I am making to mine.

My home office requires a laptop and space to print labels, invoices, and store packaging materials and stock. I prefer to work on the sofa, which also serves as a pull-out guest bed, making this room an occasional guest room as well.

My crafting supplies include a sewing machine, fabric, and various tools and materials that I am in the process of upcycling. Other items, such as wrapping paper and gifts, as well as my mother's china set, must also stay in the room. The hutch, which serves as my primary fabric and crafting storage, used to be in the kitchen but was moved to prevent clutter.

Before my reorganization, there were a few issues with the room's layout. Firstly, the printer was on the opposite side of the room from where I worked, making it a hassle to access. Secondly, there was too much clutter, including unused items like guest duvets and sheets. Finally, my fabric storage was not practical, making it difficult to find and access what I needed.

My previous fabric storage solution was to sort my fabrics by color and store them in clear bins. However, this method led to a messy and disorganized appearance on my shelves. The clutter and untidiness in the room were also a problem, as it became too easy to just dump items in the room without putting them away properly.

I am someone who prefers to make a big overhaul instead of tidying up on a daily basis. I always strive to completely reorganize a room to make it more efficient and easier to maintain. This process involves tidying up the room and starting fresh, so everyone stops using the room as a dumping ground for items that don't fit elsewhere.

Before my reorganization, the room was a mess, but it had potential. By making changes to the layout and storage solutions, I am confident that I can transform the back sitting room into a functional and organized space that will serve all of my needs.

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