About Us

About Nimma Crafts

Nimma crafts consist of a team of people with a creative mind, based in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, but we deliver throughout the Netherlands and Europe.
The plastic we use is made of biodegradable materials (polylactic acid, bioplastic). So we do not contribute to the plastic soup! Moreover, what we make is so much fun that you don’t throw it away. The team of Nimma Crafts invents and makes products that make us happy. So we don’t just bite into a product but follow our heart and make whatever comes to mind and then release it with a focused product line and marketing goal. In this way, we unwill products for hobbies, toy markets, in the kitchen, or for companies.

As a team, we are open to new ideas and like to think with you about how we can make your next idea a reality and market it together, contact us for nice cooperation.

Team Nimma Crafts